Pratley Ezeebond – Welds Adhesive


Sophisticated, 3rd generation, ultra high performance adhesive
Ideal for bonding reasonably well mating surfaces
Can replace spot welds and rivets
Exceptional adhesive on most rigid plastics, fibre glass and aluminium
Can tolerate oily surfaces
Can tolerate minor gap filling

1. Bond sheet metal using bead/line bonds.
2. Bond sheet aluminium.
3. Attach top-hat section stiffeners to sheet metal.
4. Assemble fibreglass components.
5. Bond loudspeaker magnets.
6. Bond model motors to mounting plates.
7. Bond brass name plates to apparatus.


Pratley Ezeebond is a sophisticated, high performance, 3rd generation toughened acrylic adhesive. Being tough, it can withstand impact and is used in aerospace and defence applications. It is ideal for replacing spot welds and rivets with a line bond.

 High peel strength.
 Fast cure.
 Tough.
 Bonds most materials and rigid plastics.
 Bonds to oily surfaces also.
 Extremely tolerant of malproportioning.
 Oil and paraffin resistant.

TIME TO SET: (at 23°C)
Cure time is affected by reaction heat. The
following is valid for 2 g of Part A mixed on a metal
surface with 2 g of Part B.
 Handling bond in 4½ minutes.
 60% strength in 20 minutes.
 Full strength in 1½ hour.

Surfaces to be bonded should be free of loose dirt, rust or paint. Light oil film on the surface is not a
problem. Sanding to lightly abrade surfaces will enhance adhesion.

Additional information

Weight 140 kg