Amazing GOOP Craft Adhesive


Amazing GOOP® Craft Adhesive
Now you can design and create with a wide range of materials, including metal, stones and jewels.
•Strongest single component adhesive.
•Bonds to wood, metal, cement, fabric, leather.
•Create works of art of professional quality.
•Seals against water for rain and swimwear.
•Safe for repeated washing and drying.
•Withstands heat up to 150 °F / 66 °C.

•Attach decals and buttons to clothing.
•Affix stones and gems to fashion jewelry.
•Assemble plastic and wood craft kits.
•Repair fabric and costumes.
•Fix cracks in ceramic bowls and pottery.
•Create weatherproof garden decorations.
•And much more!

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Weight 131 kg