Colorize – Stain Eliminator


Eliminate Stains Permanently on just about anything when stain cleaner would work!

“Just colour over the stain.”

Comes with 7 intermixable colours, colour mixing guide, applicator, spatula, mixing cup and instructions.

Great for:

Carpet, Sofas , Chairs, Jackets, Coats , Drapes , Bedspreads , Auto Interiors , RV Interiors , Clothing, Partitions , Hats , Footwear


Colorize is the answer to removing almost any stain on almost anything. Colorize doesn’t actually get rid of the stain, it colours over the stain and permanently eliminates it when cleaners and stain removers can’t remove them.

The 7 colour dyes included with the kit mix to all popular shades and colours.

Mix and match the item colour then Just apply one or two coats of colour over the stain, and it’s gone. You have colour over the stain, and eliminated it. It matches most popular textures as well.¬†Water resistant.



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Weight 140 kg