COSMOFEN 20 – PVC-cleaner


COSMOFEN 20 CL-300-140 is a non-dissolving cleaner with anti-static agent used
for the cleaning of PVC-hard, profiles covered by Renolit-foils, PURprofiles
and expanded plastic slab, e.g. Forex , and is only suitable for
the processing in specialized companies.

COSMOFEN 20 is especially suitable for the cleaning of dust,
adhesive remainders from protection foils and labels, wax pencil,
rubber traces, fresh PUR-foam and fresh remainders of sealing
compounds, as well as tar- and bitumen splashers.

The contained anti-static agent feature prevents the profile surfaces
from getting dirty again.
Because of the good compatibility of COSMOFEN 20 with a lot of
different plastic surfaces, connected with its anti-static effect, it is
especially suitable for the exhibition production, the label industry and
a lot of other plastic processing fields

Size 1000ml

Additional information

Weight 300 kg