PVC White Window & Door Cleaner – Spezial-Reiniger 500 ml


COSMO CL-350.110 Special cleaner (German Engineering)


Abrasive intensive cleaner without any solvent for the cleaning of PVC-hard white and anodised aluminium as well as for the cleaning of other smooth surfaces, mainly surfaces made of plastic materials.

Surfactant water cleaner with fine dispersed abrasive pigments

COSMO CL-350.110 cream cleaner particularly distinguishes itself by an intensive but mild cleaning effect and is pH-neutral and gentle to the skin.


intensive but even so mild cleaning effect


gentle to the skin


▪ Cleaning of PVC hard white and aluminium­anodized surfaces, as well as for cleaning other smooth, mainly plastic


▪ Production and assembly area of window construction

▪ Regular care of already assembled window, door and shutter profiles.

▪ In the window manufacturing for the cleaning of window elements during production and assembly.

▪ Regular care of already assembled window-, door- and roller shutter profiles.

▪ Renewing and cleaning home PVC doors and Windows.

Colour White

Instructions for use Shake before use!

Always check the surfaces to be cleaned for compatibility! Apply the cleaner directly from the bottle on a lint­free , slightly damp cloth. Clean the surface while slightly rubbing in the longitudinal direction of the profile. Generally avoid circular rubbing movements during the cleaning process! If the dirt is persistent, the cleaning process can be repeated. After cleaning has been completed, the surface is subsequently wiped up with a wet cloth. As a non­abrasive cleaning agent, the COSMO_CL­360.110 is available. As a solvent ­based technical cleaner, the COSMO CL­300.140 (non­dissolvent and with antistatic agent) and the COSMO CL 300.120 (slightly solvent) are available for plastic materials, the COSMO CL 300.150 is available for metal construction.

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