Plastex Master Tech Kit – Plastic and Acrylic Repair Kit


Plastic and Acrylic Repair Kit

Plastex easily glues, fills gaps, repairs stripped threads and can remake tabs or small parts in just minutes

Repair or reproduce almost any plastic part quickly and easily.
Only Plastex has a reusable molding bar that gives you the ability to repair or reproduce almost any plastic part quickly and easily.

A revolutionary new product that makes even difficult repairs quick and easy.

Plastex can be sanded and painted.

Plastex does what other glues and adhesives can’t.

Kits Includes White, Clear and Black powder.

  • 1 30g  powder – White
  • 1 30g  powder – Clear
  • 1 30g  powder – Black
  • 1 ea. 50 ml liquid
  • 3 Powder cups
  • 2  molding bar
  • 3 ea. applicator bottle
  • 4 ea. applicator needle
  • Resuable case
  • Reinforcement cloth
  • 1 Instructional CD/DVD


Filling Liquid Applicator & Powder Dish
Using the Needle Applicator

Squeeze bulb on pipet, put tip into liquid and release pipet bulb to draw liquid.
Move pipet to uncapped applicator bottle and squeeze pipet bulb to transfer the liquid

Remove tip of powder bottle, gently squeeze powder from bottle into dish

Applying Plastex Using the Applicator Needle:
– Place the needle onto the tip of the liquid applicator bottle.
– Position above powder dish, gently squeeze liquid bottle and place one or two   drops    into powder
– Quickly pickup sphere with the tip of the needle and position over repair area
– Gently squeeze liquid bottle to flow the materials onto repair area, repeat as needed  to complete repair
– Tip:  Can’t pickup mixture ball – Fill powder dish. ·
– Tip:  Too much liquid comes out – Fill liquid bottle to avoid this


Using Plastex to Repair Cracks and Fill Gaps
Remove dirt and oil from repair area.
File or grind a V groove along cracked area
Apply Plastex mixture onto repair area as needed
Allow Plastex to cure and finish as needed
Use cellophane tape to keep mixture from seeping through crack.
Tip:  If mix sets too soon, add more liquid

Repairs Using Plastex with Fiber Reinforcement Cloth

Place reinforcement cloth onto cellophane sheet.
Sprinkle Plastex powder onto cloth as needed.
Apply Plastex liquid as needed to saturate powder.
Place onto repair area and adapt to repair.
Allow Plastex to cure and remove cellophane.
  Use reinforcement cloth on areas that are weak or prone to crack.

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Weight 250 kg