Marble Repair Kit


Repair kit for marble, granite and stone


Manual Repair of marble and granite compromised by small cracks or chips

The pack contains: 1 package with two doses of disposable special transparent two-component resin, 2 cups with spatule for the preparation of glue, protective gloves, pvc strips, 1 velcro pad, 1 diamond plate yellow 100 grit , 6 pieces of sandpaper 60 and 120grit, 1 instruction sheet .

To manually and easily repair marble, travertine, limestone, but also granite and ceramics compromised by small tears, chipping, cracks, etc.
Great for fixing steps chipped, broken corners of the top of the bathroom or kitchen, restore cracks etc.


The kit contains everything needed to perform minor repairs on
marble and granite.
The kit also allows those who are not expert in manual work to
glue broken marbles, repair chips or small lesions on natural
stones. You can also paste ceramic, stoneware, terracotta,
cement and so on.

on any type of stone

How to use
In the case of stones with polished surface you may want to
sand the area of the break with 120 abrasive , to remove the
gloss finish in a small neighborhood. So you limit the area to be
repaired with transparent PVC film, fixing them with adhesive
paper and leaving free only the minimum area for work.
It is prepared following the glue pouring into the cup the
contents of the tubes single dose A + B. It blends well using the
spatula and distributes the glue inside of the break in sufficient
quantity without excess. The work must be done in 15-20
minutes to work with glue sufficiently fluid. Just spread the
glue, join the two sides, squeezing good contact to make invisible the fracture line. To end the bonding phase is applied a
strip of PVC on top of the glue coming out from the break,
pressing lightly to level the resin.
After 24 hours, peel the strip from the hardened glue and sand
with coarse-grained sandpaper to reduce the layer of adhesive
to a thickness almost imperceptible, but not eliminating it
entirely. Then use the yellow diamond plate and wet sanding
the surface, removing any trace of resin on the surface and
escaping any scratches left by the sandpaper.
Where it works
It works on all natural stone: marble, travertine, limestone,
granite and on the compounds of factory as agglomarmi and
Package Contents
The package contains the following items:
• n. 1 mini diamond plate size 4.5 x4x0.3 cm. 100 grit,
• n. 2 pieces sandpaper velcro backed 120 grit
• n. 4 pieces sandpaper velcro backed 60 grit
• n. 1 pad velcro backed hook
• n. 2 +2 single dose tubes of resin A + B
• n. 2 cups with spatula
• n. 1 pair protective gloves
• strips transparent PVC film

Additional information

Weight 140 kg