Trans plus with SMT – Stop Gear Box Leaks


To Stop Automatic Gear Box Leakages  15 fl.oz. (444ml)

Completely revitalizes and hermetically tunes the automatic transmission.
•Eliminates leakage.
•Restores smooth shifting.
•Reduces noise, heating, wear, and vibration.
•Extends the service life of the transmission.
•Cleans the plates of varnish and gum.
•Restores elasticity and dimension to the valves and seals.
•Protects rubber and neoprene seals from  drying and cracking.
•Compatible with all automatic transmission    fluids and additives.
•Will not void manufacturer’s warranty.
SMT2 significantly reduces unwanted friction and greatly enhances the cleaning properties of TRANS PLUS. SMT2 restores smooth shifting, reduces noise and wear, helps eliminate heat, and keeps the transmission fluid from oxidizing.


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Weight 201 kg