Hi-Gear Premium Diesel Fuel Injector Cleaner and Cetane Boost 945ml 32oz


Hi-gear Diesel injector cleaner with Cetane boost is specially formulated to keep your rig running strong.
Increased mileage and cleaner emissions.
Pour in your tank for faster start, increase fuel mileage and cleaner emission
Increase Cetane 2 to 6 points depending on fuel
Specially formulated to keep your truck running strong
Increase engine power and fuel mileage
Provides corrosion protection and detergency
Removes varnish and gum buildup on nozzle and pintles
Reduces smoke, exhaust emission and misfires
Improves cold weather start
Lubricates fuel system
Exceeds cummins l-10 specifications.

Add 946ml to 437 liters of fuel

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Weight 201 kg