Quick Shine® Deep Cleaner/Wax Remover 27 fl. oz 800ml


Quick Shine® Deep Cleaner/Wax Remover

Safely remove old finishes and wax, or deep-clean tile grout.

Covers approximately 500 square feet. Has no noxious fumes. Removes newer polymer finishes. Safe to use wherever water is used for cleaning.

  • Water-borne polymer premium formulation provides a micro-filling technology removing scratches
  • Use before Quick Shine Floor Polish
  • Removes ground in dirt and old wax
  • Suitable for sealed wood, laminate, tiles and marble floors
  • Floor cleaner with no ammonia fumes
  • The perfect preparation before using floor polish
  • Gets to work the minute it hits the floor, removing ground-in dirt and old wax.
  • Quick Shine range delivers beautifully clean and shiny floors with ease
  • Suitable for sealed hardwood, laminate, tiles and marble (not for unsealed wood).
  • 800ml contrated – makes 3 gallons
  • 800ml


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Weight 301 kg