Pratley Wondafix Car – Dashboard Repair



  • Car Dashboard Repair
  • Tough but flexible repair compound for a multitude of problematic car repairs
  • Black in colour and can therefore be used where colour is important

This patented product is a world first, developed by Pratley. It’s outstanding adhesive properties
coupled with it’s flexibility makes it a unique bonding and shock resistant repair system.


1. Repair cracked car dashboard
2. Repair damaged rubber of car bumper.
3. Repair scuffed hoses.
4. Repair damaged car air vent pipes and
vacuum hoses.
5. Mount or stick articles which tend to vibrate
6. Use as a vibration mounting.
7. For extra strong repairs soak into a bandage
and wrap around broken joint.
8. Use to seal and protect wires where they go
through the firewall.
9. Cast your own flexible drives or friction drives.
10. Repair vinyl/cloth car seats and side panel
11. Fill cracked windshield rubber seals.
12. Fill any rubber mouldings or flashings on cars.
13. Repair electrical lead insulation.


Special procedure for cracked (Black Urethane)
dashboard repair as follows:
• Use a Stanley knife to “V” out the crack to about
10mm width.
• Remove all loose particles and dust.
• Allow the freshly mixed Wondafix to run off a
spatula into the crack. Mix more Wondafix and
do this a second time if insufficient.
• Allow the “Wondafix” to form a bead which is
“proud” of the dash.
• Wait for about 1½ hours (not longer than 2½
hours or the cut line will be untidy), then use a
sharp blade to carefully and steadily remove the
Wondafix meniscus and render it flush with the
• Apply a commercial dashboard silicone or
motor car black vinyl paint to render the repair
almost invisible.

 Tough and shock resistant.
 Flexible.
 High adhesive strength.
 Bonds well to most materials.
 Abrasion resistant.
 Black in colour.
 No unpleasant odour.
 Can be smoothed with a wet finger.

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Weight 110 kg