Pratley Steel Putty



  • Very latest adhesive technology
  • Cures at a medium speed
  • Hand mouldable putty which sets like steel and matches the colour of steel
  • Exceptionally workable, yet when set it is an incredibly strong adhesive

Pratley Steel Putty is an exceptionally high strength, hand mouldable, putty-like adhesive. Mixing equal
proportions of the resin and hardener supplied in the form of sticks yields a highly versatile, medium
speed putty with a 1001 uses.

1. Seal metal water tanks and cracked motor car sumps.
2. Repair metal castings
3. Replace broken handles and knobs on utensils.
4. Repair ceramic fuse holders and insulators.
5. Repair car radiators and leaking metal petrol tanks.
6. Mend garden implements and metal watering cans.
7. Re-fit loose screws.
8. Make your own models and sculptures.

 Very high strength.
 Medium speed cure.
 Can be shaped and moulded.
 Adheres to most rigid materials.
 Once set can be sawn, filed, machined,
 Accepts paint.
 Good electrical insulator.
 Withstands most chemicals, mild acids, oil, petrol, etc.
• Can be smoothed and shaped with a wet finger or spatula.

TIME TO SET: (Temperature & quantity
 Sets hard in ± 45 minutes (at 23°C).
 Should be applied within 15 minutes of mixing.
 Reaches 75% strength in 8 hours.
 Reaches full strength in 2 days.




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Weight 110 kg