Pratley 1-2-3 Multi purpose Adhesive Glue



    Pratley 1-2-3 is a new generation adhesive offering an easy three step bonding system which requires no mixing and will join almost anything including most plastics. (It is suited to well matching surfaces only and has no gap filling capabilities.)
  • Tough Acrylic, 3rd generation adhesive
  • Easy 3 step bonding system
  • Excellent on aluminium and will join almost all well matched surfaces!
  • Will bond on mild oily surfaces
  • Note: Shelf life of between 1 and 3 years, depending on storage temperature peaks.


  1. Excellent on aluminium sheet.
  2. Refix tumble dryer handle, etc.
  3. Bond metal parts.
  4. Bond stiffener ribs to sheet metal.
  5. Bond fibreglass to metal.
  6. Mend ceramics.
  7. Mend broken rigid plastic toys


 Very quick setting.
 No waste.
 Exceptionally strong bond even on oily surfaces.
 Not brittle.
 Bonds most materials including most rigid plastics.
 Not suitable for unmatched surfaces and gap filling.

 Handling bond within 4 minutes.
 50% strength in about 10 minutes.
 Full strength in about 30 minutes.
 Setting time is slower when bonding plastics.

For best results remove paint and all loose material.
Wire brush or lightly abrade. (Surfaces must be
well matched.)

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Weight 140 kg