Plast-aid Acrylic and PVC Multi Purpose Plastic Repair Kit 1.5oz


Plast-aid®, the exciting new multi-purpose repair plastic used for thousands of repair solutions! Unlike anything on the market today, Plast-aid® forms a hard, durable, waterproof plastic in only

Plast-aid® is a two part compound consisting of a liquid and powder. When combined, Plast-aid®'s unique curing process begins. As it thickens, Plast-aid® transforms from a castable liquid, to a glue, to a putty, to a clay, and finally to a hard, durable, waterproof plastic. This progression makes Plast-aid® an incredibly versatile tool allowing it to be cast into molds, used to repair breaks and fill gaps, formed into shapes for custom parts, and much, much more!

Colour Plast-aid® with artist acrylic or wood stain.

After Plast-aid® cures, drill, cut, file & polish your custom parts

For Car
From fixing cracked panels & fenders, to stripped knobs, to broken light lenses

Pool and Spa

Repair pools & spas, hot tub, skimmers, holes, cracks, leaky PVC, ABS, Acrylic, etc.
Plast-aid® repairs are fast, waterproof & permanent

Unsurpassed for PVC plumbing repair! Don't cut out damaged PVC, simply & permanently patch it with Plast-aid® in only 15 minutes!
Make custom fittings & threaded adaptors

Fix everything from dropped cell phones, remote controls & hair dryers to stripped out hinges, broken toys, computer housings & refrigerator shelves
Repair broken items and create custom parts with one product!
Use Silly® Putty to make molds of ornate knobs, Cast the molds with colour Plast-aid®. Fill cracks.
Use on model planes, trains & boats


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Weight 110 kg