Vinyl Floor & Tile Repair Kit


You could never repair a vinyl floor until now with color and texture! Vinyl and tile floors often get damaged. Finding an original piece to match and replace the damaged one is usually impossible. But now, with our professional Vinyl Floor and Tile repair kit, you can make “on the spot” repairs in just a few minutes!

Its easy to mix the colored repair compound to match your floor. Simply apply the compound to the damaged area, cover it with the proper grain/ texture paper, provided in the kit, and heat. The compound cures to a hard finish that duplicates the vinyl floor.

Some floors have a multi-colored effect. Our kit shows you how to repair them. You just apply the basic underlying color, then dab the other color or colors over the base color. Apply the grain/texture paper and heat. It is that simple!

Remember, if you need help with the repair, you can call our customer support.

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Weight 140 kg