Stickit – For Loose and Broken Tile Repair Kit – 1Ltr


For Repair Drummy Render, Repair Loose, Tiles Ceramic, Tiles, Natural Stone, Just Drill, Fill & Forget.

Shalex Stickit is a revolutionary new solution for repairing loose surfaces in situ. Common problems such as loose tiles and druming render would normally require the removal of the delaminated areas, but with Stickit you can re-bond without having to remove or replace the tile or render. No need to re-grout or re-render, a huge time saver.
By drilling a small hole through the grout lines or even through the tile itself Stickit allows you to deliver adhesive right where it’s needed. Stickit allows you to repair without removing so there’s no risk of damaging the tile while removing it and virtually no evidence of the repair job afterwards. With a traditional tile repair you’ll end up with new grout lines that don’t blend into the older work or even worse – a chipped or cracked tile you can’t replace!

Shalex Stickit comes as a complete kit, all you need is a power drill. You get enough adhesive to treat an area approx. 5M2, a detailed project instruction guide, solid carbide 2mm drill, aluminium injection needle, and a heavy duty 1.1ltr spray bottle that can be recycled and re-used for other jobs around the garden or home.

The 2mm drill bit is designed to drill through the toughest stone and the adhesive is able to re-bond a wide range of surfaces including, ceramic tiles, natural stone, terracotta, slate, clay and concrete pavers, timber, concrete and mortar. You can even use Stickit in place of water based wood glues for other projects like bonding timber and for arts and crafts. The specially designed container allows you to store Stickit for long periods, with virtually no waste or cleanup while still being ready to use. 
Stickit is a single part clear drying water based adhesive but doesn’t compromise on performance. Stickit has superior adhesion, is highly flexible, is not water sensitive and works on damp surfaces or high Ph substrates such as green concrete. The advanced formulation gives you a high performance solution without need for mixing or measuring. Better still it’s a far safer and simpler solution than messy, expensive or hazardous solvent based and two part adhesives.

As a handyman or tradesman you can find a number of projects where Stickit will save you time and money. Time consuming jobs such as repairing a single tile or a small patch of render become a breeze with Stickit – just drill, inject and forget! If you can’t get a tradesman because the job’s too small -Stickit allows you to do the job yourself simply and quickly



Dependant on porosity of substrates and depth of cavity. In renders, screeds, masonry and fabrics Stickit will dry within 12-24 hours at 25oC. Drying time will be extended in deep cavities or where moisture vapour is restricted from escaping. Leave floor tiles for 2-3days before walking on them again – longer in cooler temperatures. As Stickit cures from outside in, thin films are preferred to maximize surface area in contact with the adhesive. Stickit is not a caulk and should not be used to fill gaps, joints or deep cavities.


   • To fix drummy or delaminated floor and wall tiles
   • Fix bubbles in paintwork
   • Loose laminates
   • Creaking wood floors
   • Timber joint or crack adhesive
   • Reinforce cement render or plaster
   • Rebond carpets and fabrics



   Coverage: Wall Tiles:  1L = approx 10m²
Floor Tiles: 1L = approx 5m²
   Drying Time: 12 – 24 Hours
   Fully Cured: 3 Days
   Clean Up: Water
   Shelf Life: 24 Months
   Store Below: 35°C
   Application Temperature: 5°C – 25°C

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Weight 401 kg