Salad Cutter, Vegetable Cutter, Food & Fruit Chopper


This Processor is a manual  food fruit and vegetable cutter for cutting, slicing of fruit and vegetable to prepare salad slice and chop dishes.
It has 5 cone that can be interchange to use for cutter and slicing.
Made with zinc alloy and finished with chrome plating
Also protects the fingers when getting to the end of the cutting process.
Heavy duties and long lasting. Add garnish to food and salad


Manual Hand-powered  food processor/slicer/grater.
Five interchangeable cones for slicing/grating different kinds of food
– #1 – Shredder/ #2 – Stringer ( for “shoestring” style )/ #3 – French Fryer (for potatoes)*
– #4 – Thin Slicer (for potato chips curls)/ #5 – Waffler (for fancy cuts of fruits )

Easy to turn, this manually operated food cutter allows you to have complete
control over the speed of the device and the size of the processed pieces of

No. 1 – Shredder
For finely shredded foods and for grating hard foods
such as cheese, dry or toasted bread, crackers, or nuts.

No. 2 – Stringer
For cutting foods into medium-size “strings. ” Cuts considerably
larger than shredder, but smaller than French fry cut.

No. 3 – French Fryer
Designed for potatoes and other firm vegetables
which become the perfect size for fast cooking.

No. 4 – Thin Slicer
Ideal for potato chips, carrot curls, coleslaw, or any other food to be thinly sliced.

No. 5 – Waffler
For fancy waffled cuts of fruits and vegetables.
This cone creates thicker cuts than the No. 4 – Thin Slicer.

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Weight 500 kg