Leather Cleaning Product – Poly-Thane Protectant 12oz


Lifetime Protection with One Application

POLY – THANE is not a polish or wax, but a permannent polyurethane.
One application for permannent clear protection on vinyl, leather and plastic!

Completely waterproof 100% Urethane formula. “Superior to any other product produces original natural appearance.

For any vinyl, leather and platic, including car seat and tops, dashboards, luggage, car bumpers, briefcases, home furniture, recliners, leather sofas, leather apparel. Restores to new looking condition. A remarkable product often used by professional. !Nothing else like it!! Patents Pending
Protects against fading sun light, dirt and grime. Can also be used on trainers, shoes and boots.
Poly-Thane: Get rid of that shiny, artificial look! Are you tired of applying a clear protectant to leather, vinyl and rubber, only to have to do it again a short time later?

Well, that can be over, because poly-thane is a permanent, non-silicone clear protectant. That’s right…no silicone. This product drys to the original low-sheen satin look of the material. It’s a great protectant and beautifier. When dry, it has a natural look. Just apply and let dry. It’s that simple!

Use Poly-Thane on all leather and vinyl including furniture, footwear, apparel… all leather and vinyl!

Size 12 oz


Clean surface thoroughly prior to use. Pour into a separate container such as a wax cup and dip rag into container or use brush to apply. Apply in even strokes across surface. POLY – THANE is not a polish or wax, but a permannent polyurethane coat that must be applied evently. To increase gloss, apply additional coats.


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Weight 200 kg