H20 Glue Underwater Adhesive and sealant


Professional two-part adhesive and sealant used to repair and seal pools,
Fountains, spa’s, sprinklers, health spas and therapy centres. Use this product if you maintain an aquatic centre, golf course, arboretum, Water Park, water slide or irrigation systems.

H2O Glue is packaged in easily applied dual cartridge system. Cartridges and static mixers are designed to work together as an integrated high performance system.

There are hundreds of uses for H2O Glue.
Repair slides and pools underwater with a cure time of 30-45 minutes!
There are hundreds of uses for our H2O Glue® adhesive. Repairs are made easier by applying to wet or dry surfaces. Provides a hand-able bond in 30-45 minutes. Full cure in 24 hours. With our easily applied H2O Glue® two part adhesive there is no need to drain the pool to do the repairs. H2O Glue® has thousands of uses and no job is to big or to small!

• Leaks around drains
• Pool and Spa Maintenance
• Pump or Hose Leaks
• Repair Fibreglass and PVC
Kit #2 Contains:
Caulk Gun Adapter
50ML Cartridges Pack
2 Static Mixers

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Weight 140 kg