Citrus Degreaser 18oz


To remove oily grease from most surfacestop.

Citrus Degreaser removes oil, grease and sticky dirt from kitchen appliances, cooker’s sides wall, microwave sides wall, washing machines sides wall, wall tiles, stainless steel, kitchen cupboards, concrete surfaces, plastics. Also for auto parts such as Engines, tires, wheels, lawn mowers, chassis, tool and machinery.

A natural, citrus-based degreaser that not only works like gangbusters but is safe for the environment, since it contains no ozone-depleting hydrocarbons.

This premium product rinse completely with water leaving no residue and can be safely used as a tough degreaser or a strong gentle all purpose cleaner.

Perfect for cleaning auto parts, tools, machinery, concrete and porcelain surfaces, auto tires and wheels.

The citrus base foamy engine degreaser clings to vertical surface.

Remove grease on many surfaces

Safe on paint and plastic

No petroleum odour or residue

Simply apply degreaser until is completely saturated thele leave for 2 minutes and rinse with water or wipe off with clean cloth.

Size 18oz 510g

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Weight 200 kg