Ultimate Wood & Laminate Chip Repair Kit – for Chips Scratches


Repair Wood and Laminate's chips, burns, cracks and damages on surfaces quick & easy

Use on:
•Counter tops •Laminate and Wood floors •Desktops •Wood panelling •Other hard plastic surfaces

Match any colour practicing on the cards before applying.

This Kit include six intermix wood paint to match any wood colour and hand mouldable wood putty stick for large chips.

At long last, a revolutionary product for repairing those unsightly chips in your laminate and wood!

Our simple instructions will help you get any chip mended in minutes. No matter what colour, composition or grade of wood, many chips can be repaired with this amazing product!

It literally takes a minute or two to dry. Can dilute the paint with Thinners, if needed. Used for chips and get the same effect as you do when filling and painting over a chips in the wall and match the colour exactly. The liquid you have been supplied is of the highest quality and is extremely durable. Dry in approximately 10 – 15 minutes.

If your chips are 3mm – 4mm in diameter, you will be able to repair a minimum of 200 chips.

The dried liquid has a gloss finish. Fine water paper has been included in each kit and is to be used 48 hours after you have repaired your chip. Simply sand lightly to get a matt finish. 

This product is ideal for patterned laminate – you need to repeat the patterns by replicating the shapes within. As the liquid is touch dry within minutes, you will be able to mix up all the different colours in your laminate wood. Work with one colour at a time.

Colours you can achieve in the chart above.

The top section labelled PRIMARY shows the Primary colour you will receive in your kit, including the Brown, which is you base colour.

The bottom section labelled SECONDARY shows the secondary colours you will get if you mix 2 primary colour together with the Brown, as shown in column 2.

Column 3 indicates the colour you will get if you add white; Column4 indicate the colour you will get if you add Grey; Column5 indicates the colour you get if you add black.

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