Rejuvenate Floor Restorer and Protectant 16 fl. oz 473ml


Designed for older floors that are showing their age and wear, Rejuvenate Floor Restorer & Protectant is a polymer-based floor finish that works on all floors. In addition to filling in scratches, it brings back long-lost shine and seals and protects against damage such as stains and UV rays that cause fading.

It also increases traction by up to 50 percent and provides enhanced safety for people and pets alike. Every 32-ounce bottle is enough for up to 650 square feet.

5 star rated based on customer reviews of Rejuvenate Floor restorer. Number one selling!

Great for all types of hardwood flooring:

  • Fills in small scratches 
  • No sanding to refinish your hardwood floors
  • No waxy build up 
  • Resist stains and spills
  • Increases traction to slippery floors
Rejuvenate can be used on the following type of floors:
Hardwood Floor Terrazzo Floor Flagstone Floor
Laminate Floor Terra Cotta Floor Vinyl/Linoleum Floor
Ceramic Tile Floor Slate Floor Marble Floor
Cork Floor Cement Floor Fiberglass Floor
Pine Floor Travertine Floor

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Just, clean, pour and mop. In minutes you will restore what time and use have taken away, with no mess, no buffers, no workmen and no complications.

• Saves cost of having floors professionally refinished
• Effortless, odorless application – just clean, pour & mop
• 8 oz. bottle can restore a 12×14 sized-room (a kitchen, office or family room)
• Millions of satisfied customers

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