Pratley Wondafix – Rubber Adhesive


  • Tough, yet flexible adhesive
  • Patents have been granted in most developed countries
  • Outstanding adhesive properties
  • Flexibility makes it a unique bonding and shock resistant repair system
  • Cures to a tough, hard but flexible rubber


1. Repair leather belts.
2. Repair shoe soles.
3. Patch castor wheel treads.
4. Make your own book binding.
5. Cast your own gaskets.
6. Repair ornaments rigid and non-rigid.
7. Mount or stick articles which tend to vibrate loose.
8. Use as a vibration mounting.
9. Repair leaks (see tips).
10. Use as a gland packing.
11. For extra strong repairs soak into a bandage
and wrap around broken joint.
12. Stop ornaments and telephones from sliding
around by applying to base.
13. Cast your own flexible drives or friction drives.


 Tough and shock resistant.
 Flexible.
 High adhesive strength.
 Bonds well to most materials.
 Abrasion resistant.
 Pleasing pale cream colour when set.
 No unpleasant odour.
 Can be smoothed with a wet finger.
 Good coefficient of friction.

TIME TO SET: (at 23 °C)
 Will begin to gel in 3 minutes.
 Will become opaque in 4 minutes (changes colour).
 Completely dry and 20% strength in 35 minutes.
 60% strength in 4½ hours.
 Full strength 24 hrs.

Surfaces to be bonded should be clean and free from oil and grease. Glossy surfaces should be abraded.

Additional information

Weight 140 kg