Opti-Tec 5013 – Extra Mixing Mixing Nozzle


Opti-tec 5013 is a two component, medium viscosity epoxy with high optical clarity. It has a fast room temperature cure, which can be accelerated by heating. Opti-tec 5013 is designed for potting, encapsulation and adhesion of components where high optical clarity, good wetting and medium viscosity are important.
Opti-tec 5013 can be used for bonding glass, quartz, metal and many plastics. It finds uses in assembly and repair of glass items where a clear adhesive is required.
• Optical assembly, optical filters, lenses, prisms
• Glass bonding
• Opto-electronics, photonics, LEDs
• Optical encapsulation & glob topping, casting, potting
• Repair of glass, wood, ceramic, metal
• Repair or restoration of minerals, gems and quartz crystals


Opti-Tec 5013

Full kit £34.99   (50 Gram adhesive, Application Gun, Mixing Nozzle)

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Refill 50 gram cartridge £18.99
Extra Mixing Mixing Nozzle £1.85

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Extra Mixing Mixing Nozzle for

Opti-Tec 5013 – Optical Clear Glass Epoxy

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Full kit, Refill 50gram cartridge, Extra Mixing Mixing Nozzle