Leather Colour Touch Up Kit


Do you have some leather or vinyl where the colour is worn off? Do you want to make a near-perfect repair job, like the pros? Is there a discolored spot on your leather car seat or couch? Then use the leather touch up kit to bring your leather to like-new condition!

Just mix your colour, test it on the scrap material in the kit, then apply and let dry. It’s that simple. 7 colors mix to all popular colors. Applicator brush included, plus leather filler for deep gouges. Bring your leather to like-new for just.

Each kit comes with 7 colour compound Black, White, Brown, Red, Blue, Red, Yellow. and  A Colour Assist Mixing Chart and instructions.                                                 

For example to get cream start with  white and add a touch of  brown and yellow to lighten. For colour grey take white and add atouch of black..etc



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Weight 131 kg