Hippo Patch Sealant – Size 2″ x 24″


Hippo Patch is the new way to repair leaks in Fiberglass Tents, pop up campers, tarps, waders, boats, boots, canoes, kayaks, aluminum canoes, canopies, flashings, plastic canoes, fish tanks, water tanks, gutters, rubberized roofing, PVC, EPDM, drain pipes, Canoes Livewells, Water tank, Raft, Boat, Cooler Trap, canvas, metal, nylon, wood, concrete, glass, brick, shingles and vinyl. It’s great for sealing liners, tarps, boats, tanks, wells, rain gutters, electrical connections,… and of course, all plumbing pipes and drains.
SEAL VIRTUALLY ANY LEAK WITH THE HIPPO PATCH. From a leak in your pool, boat or rain gutter, pop up camper, pool liner, canopy and many more, HIPPOPATCH IS A CONVENIENT, EASY TO APPLY, LONG TERM SOLUTION.

The only thing you need is a pair of scissors. As Hippo Patch is a peel and stick product, IT IS VERY EASY TO USE. Just cut a piece of the strip in the size of your leak, peel off release liner, and simply stick the product on. IT WILL SEAL THE LEAK IMMEDIATELY. No curing time is required
The Hippo Patch will stay flexible. It will never harden, like other sealing products might do. Because of this feature, the product will never crack due to differing weather circumstances. It can be applied between the temperatures of 13 °F and 120 °F. So, once applied it will never come off!

Size 2″ x 24″

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Weight 101 kg