FlexiSnake Junior Hair Clog Tool




The FlexiSnake Jr is one of the market-proven, original versions of the hook & loop hair-clog tool. The Jr is about 25″ long,
and is reusable while also being priced to be disposable just like the chemical options that it replaces for hair-clogs.
Disposability also avoids the consumer inconvenience of clean-up.

  • Most compact – coils into shirt-pocket size
  • Steel core gives it moderate stiffness compared to Drain Millipede
  • 1/8″ diameter-like Drain Weasel one of the slimmest tools on the market for accessing most all types drains without drain disassembly
  • Just uncoil, insert and spin, remove clog


  • Light duty tool that goes where most other drain snakes cannot
  • Narrower hair snagging pad
  • Ideal for bathroom sink drains
  • Coiled in a pocket size that will fit conveniently in a tool box or drawer


Additional information

Weight 110 kg