Evercoat Co Gel Coat Repair Kit – match any colours


Gel Coat Repair Kit – 1 oz – Permanently repair nicks, gouges and scratches in fiberglass hulls, decks, fiberglass pools and tubs. Blend colouring agents to achieve a match to almost any colour. Repair material cures glass-hard in one hour. A special release film and no-run polyester gel makes a slick, no-sand finish quick and easy. Mix Colors directly against hull or deck for a perfect match.

Contains: 1 fl oz (29.5ml) Polyester Gel Coat paste , 0.25 fl oz (7ml) Liquid Hardener, 6 x 0.25 oz (7g) colour agents (White, Red, Blue, Yellow, Brown, Black), spreader sticks, special release paper, and colour guide.

For example to get cream start with  white and add a touch of  brown and yellow to lighten. For colour grey take white and add a touch of black..

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Match any colour practicing on the cards before applying.
For Porcelain, Ceramic, Stone, Mosaics Tiles, tiles on my patio, tile outside and almost any surface. Can also used in bathrooms and showers touch up too.


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