EPOXYBOND Pool Paste – White 16 oz


Typical Applications:

  • Fix hairline cracks
  • Reset tiles on hot tubs, spas, pools
  • Repair cracked skimmers, baskets
  • Replace non-skid strips
  • Repair broken or cracked vacuum brushes or accessories
  • 15 minute working time
  • High-strength epoxy paste
  • Does not run…Stays where you put it
  • Paint can be applied after light sanding

POOL PASTE particularly for setting tiles on hot tubs, spas and pools, with the added benefit of setting quicklywhen time is a factor.It can be used to repair hairline cracks in plastic pipe, concrete, fiberglass and wood and to repair saunas or whirlpools. It is also specially formulated for adhesion to plastics. Easily mixed, 1-to-1, it bonds glass, wood,
steel, iron and ceramics.
EPOXYBOND POOL PASTE can be painted after light sanding.
Working Life (min.)15-35
Setting Time 12hr

Additional information

Weight 140 kg