Epoxybond Adhesive Paste – White Size .5lb


Adhesive Paste

Color: White (16 oz. Set or 2-quart, 1-gallon, 5-gallon Unit)

Typical Applications:

  • Reset tile & fixtures
  • Fill hairline cracks
  • Bonds to ceramics, glass, plastics, metals
  • Simple 1-to-1 mix
  • Spreads easily and will not sag or drip on vertical surfaces
  • Paint can be applied after light sanding

SizeĀ .5lb

EPOXYBOND ADHESIVE PASTE is a two-part, thin film epoxy adhesive of paste consistency that spreads easily and develops an excellent bond to most surfaces. It’s formulated for easy mixing using equal amounts of Resin and Hardener. EPOXYBOND ADHESIVE PASTE will adhere metals, glass, ceramics and plastics to themselves or any combination of materials. It is suitable for bonding a wide range of items such as tubing, instruments, fixtures and porcelain chips. High physical strengths permit repairs and maintenance that are long-lived. EPOXYBOND ADHESIVE PASTE is solvent free and has very little shrinkage. It is ideal for filling hairline cracks and resetting tile and fixtures. EPOXYBOND ADHESIVE PASTE can be worked as easily as wood after it sets. Paint can be applied after light sanding

Additional information

Weight 200 kg