CLR CL-12 Calcium, Lime & Rust Remover


Powerful and non-toxic, this multi-use cleaner dissolves the hardest calcium, lime and rust build-up. Cleans hard water stains from glassware, decanters, coffee and tea pots.

Removes calcium deposits from glassware, decanters and tea or coffee pots. Instantly removes lime scales from coffeemakers, humidifiers, tubs, toilets and sinks. Instantly removes rust stains from brick, stucco, porcelain, chrome and metal.


Size : 28 Oz
Removes calcium, lime and rust quickly and easily
For use on glass, tile, fiberglass and ceramic
Septic safe and contains no phosphates
Light green liquid
Formulated in partnership with the EPA to lessen environmental impact
Fast-acting, powerful formula with no rubbing and scrubbing
The surface-to-surface power to remove calcium, lime & rust instantly

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Weight 141 kg