Boat and Car Magic UV


Boat and Magic UV is a repair adhesive which glues at the push of a button – Controlled hardening in just 3 seconds!it combines high strength with absolute reliability and virtual invisibility for glass / plastic / metal / wood / stone.
It is suitable for bonding laminated safety glass (e.g.automotive glazing and rear view mirrors), glass jewellery and lead crystal glass.Not suitable for aquariums.The adhesive hardens by UV light using the enclosed UV projector or by itself in direct sunlight.

What can Boat and Magic UV be used for:-

– Applicable to virtually any materials e.g. glass, metal, plastic, stone, ceramic,
wood, acrylic etc.
– For bonding, filling, locking, waterproofing, sealing, insulating, modelling.
– Fill and seal cracks in surfaces such as glass, vases, rubber products, metal
containers, etc.
– Insulation, sealing and grouting of electrical components such as boards,
low voltage components, etc.
– Remodelling of material defects – can be sanded, is drillable and paintable.
– Glass and stone chip repairs for the automotive sector.
– As a seam sealer in the textile and outdoor markets such as tent fabrics,
hoses and rubber products.
– As a 3-D modelling medium for arts and crafts such as crystal, glass creations,
mosaics, miniature sculptures and jewellery making.

– Processing time: Bonding at the push
of a button!
– Initial hardening < 3 sec
– 90% hardening < 30 sec
– Final strength after 1-24 hours
– Temperature resistance: -40°C to +120°C

Packing: 3 g Set: bottle, beamer, blister unit.
part no.: Bc 14 10 10

Additional information

Weight 140 kg