ULTRA SHINE 1oz Surface Lubricant and Oxidant


The “SECRET SAUCE” at the heart of the Scratch-B-Gone system. This proprietary formulation serves 3 very important and necessary functions; lubricates the working surface, lifts particulate which is created during the re-graining process, and speeds the return of the ‘warm look’ by chemically oxidizing the ‘new’ restored surface to quickly blend and match surrounding areas. ‘Ultra Shine’ leaves your repaired area looking fresh and dries to the touch upon wiping. It is ‘Ultra Shine’ which makes quick and thorough restorations possible.

The EXPERT says: DO NOT SUBSTITUTE! Without ‘Ultra Shine’, any attempt to resurface a damaged or scratched area will result in a discoloured “Bright Spot” which will not match surrounding surfaces and require refinishing of an entire surface and adjacent surfaces to match.

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Weight 120 kg