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!! To repair tears to clothes without sewing !!

Use For: Tears in Fabric Leather Vinyl Bonds in 3 minutes. Multi-purpose. Non-toxic. Acid-free. Easy to apply. Applies fast. Dries quick. Stays flexible. Touch-friendly. Wash-proof. Permanent.

2oz Bottle £7.99
6oz Bottle £8.99
16oz Bottle £12.99


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Use to repair

– Iron Workers
– Capenters
– Farm Workers – Welders
– Boiler Makers
– OutdoorApparel

Ideal for CARHART, BLUE JEAN, CORDUROY type material. Permanently patches and repairs and fabric it can penetrate. No sewing needed. Repaired garment can be used in minutes. Repair is permanent. TearMender® will not wash out. It will even bond onto soiled fabric

Household Items
– Hemming
– Shoes
– Buttons
– Sweaters
– Wallpaper
– Carpeting

Hundreds of uses around the home. Hemming of fabric or leather garments; repair of frayed edges; stop unraveling of buttons; repair snags on sweaters and woven items; re-tipping of shoelaces; custom fit dust ruffles; re-tack wallpaper and carpet snags.

Acrylic Fabrics
– Boat Covers
– Sleeping Bags
– Awnings
– Fabric Signage
– Luggage
– Tents
– Umbrellas
– Tarps
Works on Sunbrella, Diklon, etc. Permanently bonds acrylic fabrics when most other adhesives will not. Great for outdoor use because it’s U-V resistant. Can be used for on-site repairs of awnings. Many manufacturers use it as a pre-stitch set-up for multi-piece assemblies.

Canvas Items
– Tents
– Outer Gear
– Industrial
– Agriculture
– Tarps

TearMender® works well on canvas duck and other natural fabrics. Apply a thin coating to both item and patch – repair will dry and be usable in 10-15 minutes.
Leather Goods
– Jackets
– Sports Equipment
– Work Gloves
– Zipper Repairs
– Work Bags
– Dress Shoes
– Work Belts
– Furniture
– Purses
Apply TearMender® to unfinished surface of material (will not penetrate or damage finished surface). Apply similarly to patch material (which can be cloth). Let dry for 30-60 minutes. To repair surface snags on finished leather, place thin layer of TearMender® inside snag and hold down momentarily.

– Convertible Tops
– Leather Upholstery
– Fabric Upholstery
– Car Covers
– Carpet
– Floor Mats
– Fabric Liners

TearMender® is a natural latex that bonds permanently but is very user friendly to you and your hands. Contains NO harmful chemical additives and won’t give off harmful vapors. TearMender® is the Quick-No Mix-No Mess answer to material bonding problems.

– Hems
– Embellishments
– Patches
– Trims
– Scrapbooks
– Paper Crafts & More
Amazingly versatile, Tear Mender’s craft applications run the gamut – from adding embellishments to creating fabric crafts, paper projects and more. Non-toxic, acid-free bonds are permanent, but remain flexible and are wash-proof. They can even be ironed and dry-cleaned. Tear Mender™ lets your imagination run wild!
Dog Ears

Tear Mender™ is a convenient and effective alternative to using tape or bandages for shaping dog ears. It is safe, non-toxic, and wash-proof, staying put until removal is desired. NOTE: Ear position varies by breed and the dog’s natural set, so be sure to CONSULT A PROFESSIONAL OR BREED MANUAL for proper positioning
How To Use:

Squeeze a small amount of Tear Mender onto a shallow dish or solid surface. Transfer Tear Mender to item with a butter knife blade or your finger.

For Heavy Application:

Squeeze Tear Mender directly onto item and spread with finger for thin coating.


Cut patch material to size needed.
Apply Tear Mender – using method described at top – onto item and patch.
Place patch onto coated area of item.
Press firmly in place, let dry 15-30 minutes.

Puncture Repair:

Apply drop of Tear Mender directly onto smaller punctures; stops unraveling or further tearing. Larger punctures may require reinforcement with backing material.

Bonding – Joining – Fabrics:
Mark area to be bonded. Spread Tear Mender onto both surfaces. Press firmly and let dry.


One 2 or 6 or 16 fl.oz. (177mL) Bottle of Tear Mender Adhesive

Applicator Tube

Step-by-Step Instructions for “Goof Proof” Success!



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