Pratley Steel Quickset – Epoxy



1. Filling blow holes in castings.
2. Repairing cracked castings.
3. Bonding metal parts.
4. Making fillets or filling seams in metal parts.
5. Bonding ceramics, slate, tiles, etc., where the
colour matches.
6. Repairing silver ornaments.
7. Bonding and repairing most rigid materials
including china, stoneware, cement, wood, etc.


Pratley Steel Quickset is a high performance adhesive, metal filler and mender. It is formulated to
set hard and match the colour of most ferrous metals. It can be filed, sawn, machined and sanded
within 3 hours of mixing.

 Quick setting.
 Metallic colour and lustre.
 Good adhesive strength.
 Bonds well most rigid materials.
 Can be filed, sawn, machined and sanded.
 Very hard when set.
 Good shelf life.

TIME TO SET: (at 23° C)(Temperature & quantity dependant)
 Will gel in 6 minutes.
 Will be dry to touch in 30 minutes.
 60% strength in 3 hours.
 Completely hard in 3 hours & full strength in 24 hours.

Surfaces to be bonded must be free of loose dirt, rust, paint, oil and grease. Wire brushing or sanding will substantially enhance adhesion to smooth surfaces.

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Weight 110 kg