Pratley Putty Standard Setting


1. With the wrappings intact, cut equal pieces from
each stick. Use a very sharp knife (Fig. 1).
2. Remove wrappings and roll the pieces together
into a sausage (Fig. 2).
3. Roll sausage into a ball.
4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until an even colour is
achieved with no streaks (Fig. 3).
5. Wash stickiness from hands.
6. Forcefully wipe and knead the mixed Pratley
Putty firmly onto the application surfaces, thereby
thoroughly wetting them with resin. This
ensures a good bond.
7. Apply the putty working it firmly (kneading) into
place. Build up with further layers as necessary.
8. Remove all excess putty and wipe off
surrounding surfaces with a damp cloth.
9. Pratley Putty may be made to set smooth by
stroking gently with wet fingers


  • Was the first of it’s kind in the world
  • Hand mouldable adhesive which sets very hard
  • Ideal for underwater use

1. Repair cracked concrete swimming pools
(substrate must be coherent).
2. Seal metal water tanks and gutters.
3. Mend chipped and broken washbasins.
4. Seal around sink and basin outlets.
5. Seal metal petrol tanks and fuel lines.
6. Emergency repairs to metal work.
7. Fix cement garden furniture.
8. Mend broken electrical insulators

GENERAL: – This product went to the moon.
Pratley Putty – “Original formula” (Standard Setting) is
a slighty water soluble (before it cures) hand
mouldable high performance putty-like adhesive. It
is ideal for use under water but can also be used for
filling, sealing, building up and bonding almost any
rigid material.
! Sets under water.
! Can be smoothed and shaped with a wet finger
or spatula.
! Excellent adhesive strength.
! Bonds well to most rigid materials.
! Can be filed, sawn, drilled and machined.
! Sets slowly – ideal for larger jobs.
! Hard and abrasion resistant
! Good shelf life.
TIME TO SET:(Temperature & quantity dependant)
! Will gel in about 50 minutes (room
! Will set hard in 4 hours.
! Full strength in 24 hours.

Additional information

Weight 110 kg