Lifetime Colour


The world’s first permanent recolor kit (not a polish or dye) for all genuine leather and vinyl. No-solvent, permanent, and easy to apply. Recolors, repairs, and includes accent colors for sneakers & all athletic footwear. Also for furniture, car seats, handbags, belts, jackets, and all leather accessories & equipment.

Make all leather equipment look brand new with accent colours. Great for golf shoes, all men’s and women’s shoes and boots, auto seats, furniture, leather bags, accessories, jackets, motorcycle seats, boat, car, and truck seats, saddles… anything made of genuine leather and vinyl. This would recolour. Popular colors available. . A great product for everyone…nothing else like it!

Now you can recolour your leather and vinyl items to like-new in just minutes!

4 oz. of Liquid Leather Colour

There are millions of used trainers & athletic shoes out there & shoe polishes are very temporary. This kit not only restores the white colour, but also has accent colours so that the ugliest trainers can be made to look like new… Add accents which are so hot today & this is a winner… Great for general merchandise, sporting goods stores, food and drug.

This Kit Colours
The Dirtiest – Oldest & Ugliest
Trainers And Athletic Footwear

Making Them Look Like

In Minutes

This Is The First & Only Kit Of It’s Kind!




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Weight 140 kg