Kraken Silicone Repair Leak Tape – Size 48mm x 10.9mm


Kraken Silicone Repair Tape (Stays Flexible) “Stop leaks, works on wet surfaces”.

Kraken Tape is a self-fusing ‘wrap & repair’ silicone based tape. Simply stretch & wrap to repair water/plumbing leaks, insulate cables, seal & secure connectors, bind rope ends to prevent fray, exhaust & automotive repair and much more. 
The Ultimate Multi-Purpose Repair Tape. Fast fusing silicone, seals and repairs an almost endless list of pipes, connectors, joints and so much more.

In the Home
• Water Pipes
• Drains
• Guttering
• Sink & Bath Connectors
• Joints & Seals
 In the Car & Boat
• Radiator Hoses
• Cables & Connectors
• Exhaust Repair
• Oil Lines
• Water Hoses/pipes

Up to 700psi Tensile Strength, -65C to 260C Temperature Range
up to 7,000V Dielectric Strength

Size 24mm x 3.6m

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Weight 160 kg