Auto Lens Repair Kit – Clear


Auto Lens Repair Kits are specifically designed for the average vehicle owner to easily perform a professional repair on most types of auto lenses
QUICK LENS will fix a typical broken taillight lens in place, without removing the housing. The repair panel has a pre-formed grid pattern that closely matches the colour and reflective qualities of the lens.

:- Fast and easy to apply
:- Restores light diffuser grid pattern
:- Form a permanent weather proof seal
:- Repair without removing lens

Panel size 7 3/4 by 3 3/4 inches….190mm x 100mm

1. Remove all loose and broken pieces around damaged area. Clean lens around 
area thoroughly with dry cloth or paper towel.

2. Hold panel over damaged area to determine size of lens repair panel. Position the pane allowing 1/2 inch over lap on all sides of damage. if size selected needs to be smaller, trim along the inner grid lines.

3. Peel backing from panel and centre over area to be repaired. Press the panel to the lens and run your fingers around the edges to insure a good bond.

Additional information

Weight 90 kg